Ceramique Internationale
This is all about the various areas of the tile industry where we think our directors and fellow workers can bring you something special and better than other tile companies. These pages are usually pretty boring so lets make it more interesting for you

"Who Do We Think We Are" was a classic album produced by spectacular rock group Deep Purple in 1973… which happens to be the year we thought about starting a company to import tiles … this idea came to fruition in 1974 when Ceramique Internationale was formed.

The Directors: Cameron Fraser & Peter Vann who look after you by looking after the following:

Specifications: This department is ready to help you if you are an Architect, Designer House Builder or Property Developer…Tell Us What You Want™ and our experienced team will assist you from initial product selection all the way through to completion of your project.

Distribution: If you are a Tile Retailer, Bathroom Centre, Kitchen Centre or Conservatory supplier our fully trained sales team will service you with samples, display boards and room sets. All your orders are expedited by our in house sales team whose job it is to look after you and your orders.