Fairalls Builders Merchants

These pictures show our Taylors Hill sand pit where we supplied during peak periods almost 100 tons an hour. At Fairalls, we can trace our origins and our history back to 1900 when George Fairall started quarrying sand for bricklaying at Taylors Hill, Godstone. This sand was delivered to a wide variety of locations, initially by horse and cart, progressing to lorries as the years went on. Rather than let these lorries return to the sandpit empty, the practice of buying demolition salvage in the form of old bricks, timbers, etc. from Croydon and the surrounding areas became commonplace.

These materials were hauled back to the yard and re-sold. Naturally when you have sand and bricks for sale, sooner rather than later, customers want to be able to buy cement and lime as well! Sand extraction ceased in the 1980's. Today, as well as the old sandpit at Taylors Hill, Fairalls trades from a location in Godstone High Street (our main office and light side depot) and also a mixed depot at Gatwick.