Hambleside Danelaw

We are a UK based manufacturer of products for the building industry with two factories in the UK based at Inverness and Daventry. Our GRP products include Dryseal, our component based GRP flat roofing system, StepSafe and Contour inplane translucent rooflights and wall lights, Dry Fix Valley Troughs and Dry Fix Bonding Gutters and GRP roof flashings. Other products include flush fitting slate and tile roof ventilators, eaves, soffit, cavity and underfloor ventilators and other ancillary roofing products.

Our Glass Reinforced Polyester or GRP products (also known as fiber reinforced polyester or FRP) are manufactured at our Inverness factory on our sophisticated continuous profiling production line. Our products are produced using a range of raw materials including glass rovings and mats, varying fire resistant and retardant resins and pigments. Our injection moulding and vacuum forming facilities for plastic based products are located in our Daventry factory.