Stalbridge Timber Supplies

Timber is considered one of the most sustainable and environmentally favourable construction materials available. We are committed to protecting the environment, that is why we source our timber from FSC certified forests that manage their forests sustainably.

Stalbridge Timber Supplies Ltd. is a privately owned family company which has evolved over 90 years to become the business it is today.

It started life in 1926 as a partnership between two brothers Dick & Jim Turner who came from Meare in Somerset to set up a saw milling business under the name Turner Brothers on the site presently occupied by the company. The site was chosen for its access to the railway line (now defunct) that ran between Bristol and Bournemouth through Stalbridge. The timber was extracted from the woods by horse drawn vehicles and after being processed through the mill was loaded onto trains for transportation to, amongst other places, the railways, the steel mills, coal mines and also dunnage for cargo ships.