SV Timber

Derbyshire timber merchant: SV Timber Ltd is a vibrant, exciting and forward thinking independent specialist timber merchant, based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. Being an independent timber merchant and specialising in timber only are two things that set us apart from our competition. With independence comes the ability to make key decisions very quickly, in short we can provide you as the customer the service you need without the need to go through a large hierarchy. Specialising in timber only makes us more knowledgeable about the quality of product we buy and sell and also in our opinion more competitive.

Service, product and price are the Holy Grail to which our company has built its foundations. We offer the full package on anything timber related from sheet materials to sawn carcassing, from doors and windows both specials and standards, to machined softwoods and hardwoods. We also have full sawmilling facilities on site, and are able to offer pressure treatment when required.