Plasterboard 1 pallet
Plaster 25kg 13 bags
Filler first coat for walls and ceilings 26 bags
Filler multi finish 26 bags
Vinyl (anti-slip like in hospitals) supply & fit 150 metres square
Carpets (cheapest) supply and fit 700 metres square
Tiles for bathroom wall 250 square metres
Grout for tiles
Adhesive for tiles
Tile spacers
Wood filler (white quick-dry ) 29kg
Paint undercoat (for wood) 50litres
Paint top coat white gloss (for wood) 50litres
Paint for walls and ceilings 280 Litres
Reuseable paint rollers and trays 20
Reuseable paint brushes 30
Carpet and floor protector from paint
Handles Anti-lock (for fire escape) 60
MDF 12MM OR 10MM 1 pallet
Silicon for windows 150
Buttons 2cm x3cm 100
bath with hand shower fitting 22
Toilet 22
Basin (wall mounted) with taps 23

If you could send me an email I could send a better list.