Starting a big project and you need a reliable building contractor to help you? Well, then you will find this article extra helpful because today we will share some tips and tricks on how to find the right builder for the project you have in mind and in line.

How to Start Your Search for a Good Builder?

The easiest way to find a good and reliable professional builder or at least narrow down the possibilities is by getting a referral from family or friends who have recently got the services of a good builder. When you get the referrals and contact details, make sure to contact the builder and ask them how long they have been in the field for and what is their experience in the specific work you need to be done and completed.

Do Not Necessarily Believe the Badge

Unfortunately, they are some fraudulent builders or those who cannot provide a high quality of service, who will try to fool you. They may fraudulently claim a membership of trade associations. In order to make sure you are not getting fooled, simply call the given trade organizations and check if the builder is really a member as they say.

Ask for References

A reliable and trustworthy builder who is providing a high-quality service will be more than happy to provide you with references. From then on you can contact the people who provided the references and ask more about their experience with the company or service provider and how happy they are with the builder’s conduct and workmanship.

Obtain Quotations

Let’s say you have narrowed down your options to a few builders you will be happy to work with. You can continue your search for the best builder for your project by obtaining quotations from each of them who is a potential hire. Make sure to ask for full details in a written form and check what is covered as part of the service and what is not. A written quotation should also include aspects of the service such as material supplies, site maintenance, clearance, and more. Also, do not forget to ask for a confirmation of whether planning permission is required and if the builder will need to apply for Building Regulations approval.

Avoid VAT-free Deals

VAT-free deals may seem like a great way to cut down some pennies, however, you will not have a valid contract in case something goes wrong and you need proof of payment.

All Details in Writing

The more thorough all details are put down in a written form, the better for you and the contractor. The written quotation works as a form of contract between the two parties, therefore, it is very important to have all details and aspects of the job that will be done mentioned. The main purpose of the written quotation or contract is to outline the job that will be done, start and completion dates, the cost of work, security and safety during the process of working on the project, the cost of materials if included, payment plans, catering and lavatory arrangements, cleaning up, disposal of waste, etc.

Be Honest About Your Budget

A reliable builder is someone you need to be completely honest and straight about your budget and what you expect to be done for your money. It is also very important for both parties to agree on payment terms clearly and in a written form.

Avoid Paying Upfront

If possible, make sure to avoid paying upfront and especially a cash deposit. You can never be sure who is the person you are working with. In fact, a reliable and reputable builder will not require upfront payment unless you are not requesting specialist building materials or the job you are planning will most probably take very long to be completed.

Check for Guarantees

It is also worth checking out if the builder is offering guarantees on a large scale job. Especially when it comes to a new build when you really need a guarantee on the property.

Ask for Insurance

We strongly encourage you to as the builder you decide to work with if they are fully insured. A reliable, experienced and reputable builder should cover to protect themselves against property damage and personal and public liability and protect you in different cases of accidents and injuries.

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